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Genuine original replacements, and generics where noted, for all types of in-ground and above ground pool filters.

1,626 results

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Pool filter replacement parts may be needed if your pool filter is leaking water, or begins to pass unfiltered particles back to the pool. Use our exploded view of all interconnecting pieces to help identify hidden filter parts, and to aid in getting all the pieces back together - with none left over!

Sand Filter Parts: Sand filters are a simple pool filter design, with very few internal parts; usually no more than the standpipe and laterals and drain assembly. Indeed, many sand filter repairs are actually multiport valve repairs, and for that, pay a visit to our valve parts pages.

Cartridge Filter Parts: Even simpler than sand filters, cartridge filter internals consist of the cartridge and sometimes a spacer or manifold, and because there is no attached backwash valve, the most commonly replaced parts (besides the cartridge element) are usually lid o-rings and air relief parts, and replacement drain plugs.

Diatomaceous Earth Filter Parts: The average DE filter has over 30 internal pieces, some of which are small but have crucial importance. DE filter parts are numerous, but only a few are regularly replaced; with grids, o-rings, and top manifolds being most popular. Like sand filters, many DE filter repairs are actually multiport valve fixes.

Find your make (manufacturer) and filter name or model printed on your pool filter label. If not available or if private labeled, send us a few pictures and we can usually help you identify the pool filter that you have. Like other pool equipment categories, pool filters need not be replaced every ten years, but can be rebuilt good as new, with genuine replacement pool filter parts from In The Swim.

CAUTION: Remember that pool filters operate under pressure. Unsecured clamp bands or air relief assembly parts can rupture and injure nearby persons. Fatalities have resulted from clamp failure or loose clamps, allowing the tank top to blow off violently.

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