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Replacement parts for pool system controllers - chemical controllers, and pool equipment controls. Search by part number or use the drop down menu to find your CAT, Compool, Goldline, Hayward, Jandy, Pentair and Polaris schematics and parts listing.

70 results

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Swimming pool controllers are used on pools to control various equipment and functions. Infinitely programmable, pool controls can manage filtering, heating and sanitation equipment, as well as water features, lighting and even music - from either an equipment pad control panel, in-house remote panel, handheld remotes or smartphone application.

Originally designed for pool/spa combinations, controllers are used to switch valves to spa mode and turn the heater on, as well as control spa blower and lights. Modern pool controllers can handle up to eight different functions or loads.

Pool Controller troubleshooting involves a holistic approach to include the controller, cables, sensors as well as the equipment being controlled. When the controller is not communicating, or when equipment ignores commands, a familiar mantra rings true - the problem lies where the power dies.

Indeed, pool controller problems may often not be controller problems at all, but pool equipment problems, or transformer, sensor or cable issues - more often than it will be circuit board or panel failure. We often find pool equipment turned off manually, valve actuators not in sync, or the outdoor control panel left in Service Mode by the pool care person.