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Replacement parts for in-ground and above ground automatic pool cleaners. Parts and accessories for pressure, suction and robotic pool cleaners. Find spares for Aquabot, Baracuda, Dolphin, Hayward, Kreepy, Polaris, Watertech and more.

1,780 results

With automatic pool cleaners in constant contact with pool surfaces and obstacles, and exposed daily to pool chemicals and UV sun, it’s no wonder that pool cleaner parts outsell most other parts categories in our store.

To reduce wear and tear, run your cleaner only as long as necessary to do the job, and give your trusty friend a thorough inspection each time you handle it, and monitor the performance of your helper. Some worn pieces, if not replaced in time, can lead to a more expensive repair or total replacement.

Pool cleaner maintenance may involve regular adjustments, tightening, cleaning, and timely tune-ups. Pool cleaner repairs don't require any special tools, just a general understanding of how the cleaner is powered, and our schematic parts breakdown to see how all the parts fit together.

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