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20 Tiny Pools: Small Pool Design Ideas

Small inground pools are becoming very popular in urban centers, beach and resort areas, and just about everywhere. People can consider small pools as plunge pools or splash pools, utilizing them not only for a quick dip on a hot day but also for therapy or exercise.

What Qualifies as a Small Pool? 

In my mind, it's anything that's under 10,000 gallons or less than 200 square feet in area. For our small inground vinyl pool kits, we have done small pool sizes of 10'x10', 8'x24', and even 12'x18', but can do nearly any size and shape. Depths can vary from 24" to 72" on small pool designs.

What are the Benefits of a Small Pool?

There are many, starting with a much lower installation price. It's also easier and cheaper to cover the pool. Taking care of a tiny pool is obviously much easier, and the operational costs for electricity, heating, and chemicals are also much lower. They take up a lot less space, which is the primary reason behind many small pool installations. Finally, a smaller pool may be safer or easier to protect.

Due to certain fixed costs, small pool may not necessarily be half the cost of a pool twice its size. However, it can save as much as 40% of the cost to build your own inground pool! Small pools come in all shapes (and sizes). They're best when designed to fit snugly, complementing the space.

Today's post is a photo blog with a gallery of small pool designs. Below, you'll find 20 tiny inground vinyl pool designs, all of which are beautifully built! Let's take a look, shall we?

Small Rectangle Pools

rectangular pool

Talk about making the most of your surroundings! This pool in Montréal was built in an already small backyard area. However, the thoughtful orientation and carefully planned landscaping bring a beautiful modern aesthetic to the area that makes the whole space appear larger. Beautifully designed walk-in steps and bench seating make this plunge pool both inviting and accommodating.

pool with glass fencing

This slender rectangular plunge pool demonstrates how to prioritize safety without compromising style. Encircled by child-proof transparent glass walls, this pool setup ensures the safety of little ones (and four-legged friends) while highlighting the stunning cerulean tile fountain wall.

pool with fountain

Another small rectangular pool, with a built-in waterfall. At only 6'x15', this pool can fit almost anywhere and is easy to enclose for protection. See more pools by MBlake Home Designs on their website.

pool with raised edges

How charming is this pool? The clean lines of the pool’s rectangular shape are complemented by the natural allure of the elevated stone surroundings, creating a seamless blend of modern design and rustic beauty. It’s the perfect little nautical oasis for a summer’s day.

pool with surrounding sand

If you can’t get to a beach, let the beach come to you! This intimate oasis invites you to unwind in a minimalist retreat, where water meets the soothing touch of sand beneath your feet. Immerse yourself in a blend of simplicity and nature, as this pool with sandy surroundings becomes your personal sanctuary of calm and relaxation.

raised pool with concrete

Secret Gardens of Sydney constructed this minimalist lap pool using poured concrete. It takes up most of this small backyard, but gives back so much more. A blend of wood and plants wraps the pool beautifully. It's hard to see, but at the far end is a 6'x6' spa. Between the pool and spa is a 6'x8' equipment area, wrapped in wood.

small indoor pool

If you’d really like a unique setup, consider a pool that’s nestled inside your home. This compact aquatic haven invites anyone to enjoy a private oasis, combining modern design with the soothing allure of a refreshing dip.

Small Freeform Pools

asian themed pool

For freeform shapes like this, you'd better call in an experienced pool contractor. In this case, this pool owner designed and built this small pool, drawing on Asian themes for a truly stunning finished product.

kidney shaped pool

This small kidney-shaped pool with an attached hot tub squeezes nicely in this backyard. In addition, the backyard looking towards the lake gives it an infinity pool feeling. 

grotto pool

Take a look at this gorgeous grotto pool! These builders used artificial boulders to create a natural-looking (and sounding) waterfall and grotto seating area, pushing it into the corner of the lot and occupying less than 500 square feet.

freeform pool on wooden deck

Take a look at this interesting setup! The deck, constructed from rich, warm-toned wood, extends seamlessly around the irregular contours of the pool, creating a serene oasis that invites relaxation and leisure. Whether it's a quiet escape or a lively gathering, this freeform pool within a wooden deck embodies the perfect fusion of nature-inspired design and modern luxury, offering a refreshing and aesthetically pleasing sanctuary for those seeking a harmonious balance between the natural world and sophisticated living.

kidney shaped vinyl pool

Here's another kidney bean pool, only this one's lined in vinyl. It's larger than many other pools on this page, but still fits into this backyard with ease. Add in some beautiful landscaping and colorful furniture, and this pool is larger than life!

fiberglass pool

Here we have the kidney-shaped fiberglass pool from Blue Hawaiian. It has been wrapped in real tile, and finished off with a concrete pool deck. With the deck, seating area, and safety fence, this practical setup is a must for anyone looking for safety and style.

kidney shaped pool with stone waterfall

This kidney-shaped pool is embraced by the rustic charm of flagstone, creating a picturesque setting that is both inviting and warm. The gentle cascade of a stone waterfall creates a soothing melody, as the crystal-clear waters beckon relaxation. Lastly, the potted plants strategically placed around the pool add a touch of greenery, enhancing the natural ambiance.

freeform pool with small fountain

Mirroring the contours of a natural pond or lake, this design effortlessly integrates into the adjacent landscape. You can elevate the natural aesthetic even further by integrating abundant greenery, strategically positioned rocks, and a petite waterfall, crafting a peaceful oasis within the confines of your backyard.

squared pool on concrete

Nestled within a sleek expanse of concrete, this square-shaped pool exudes modern sophistication. Its clean lines and geometric precision create a contemporary oasis, inviting a sense of serenity and style.

Small Round Pools

round pool with steps

A small round pool has a certain elegance and is easy to construct with a vinyl pool kit. Here's a beautiful round inground pool with walk-in steps. The builders finished it with a brick deck and an additional hot tub connected to it. These extra touches really make this pool pop!

round pool with forest view

Round inground pools are more than just above ground pools sunk into the dirt. In this case, this pool is inground and surrounded by thick stone. Not to mention the forest views. What a view!

round pool with gravel

Next up, we have a small round pool surrounded by gravel as well as a walkway (including a set of stairs) for easy access. Pair this with a few lounging chairs and you’ve got yourself a nice little heavenly oasis. 

round pool with brick design

This thoughtfully designed space seamlessly marries functionality with charm. The pool’s surrounding unique brick design adds a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic. As you lounge by the pool or take a refreshing dip, you’ll appreciate the cool, crystal-clear waters on a sunny day.

Small backyard pools are a great way to enjoy your own inground pool with less expense and maintenance than their larger counterparts.

At In The Swim, we have inground pool kits as small as 8' across. Use it for a plunge pool, reflecting pool, therapy pool, workout pool, sports pool, party pool, cocktail pool, or "spool." Whatever you call it, you can build your own inground pool, and we can show you how!

Some of these small pools could be built in just days, including decking around the pool. If you've always wanted a pool, but don't want the extra maintenance of a larger pool or don't have the space for one, consider building a smaller one yourself.

Let us help you make plans for your own DIY small pool project! In The Swim's world-class technical support is given freely to every one of our pool kit customers. Give us a call and try it out for yourself. We love to help people make their backyard dreams come true.

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