Pool Liner Manufacturers

Have you ever wondered where your vinyl pool liner is manufactured? Or are you researching the company that makes the pool liner you are about to buy? Maybe you are a pool guy, interested in connecting with vinyl pool liner manufacturers - in any case, this post is a directory of pool liner companies in the 48 states.

Vinyl pools have been around since their New Jersey debut in 1948, which explains the predominance of vinyl liner manufactures in the Northeast. Vinyl pool kits made it into the Sears Roebuck Catalog in 1951 as a DIY pool kit project, for $500. There are over 5 million vinyl liner pools in the U.S., which all need replacement vinyl liners every 10 years or so, which explains the need for several dozen pool liner manufacturers.

Vinyl pool liners are made with colored polyvinyl chloride (PVC), rolled into thin sheets or films as they are called in the trade, and printed with dyes to produce patterns. The rolls of PVC material are cut into sections for the wall and floor, and heat welded together with a lap seam. A thick vinyl bead is then welded onto the top edge for beaded or j-hook style liners. After a pool liner is made, manufacturers use inflation and lighting to inspect for bad welds or material defects.

Without further ado; here's our directory list of 15 Pool Liner Manufacturers, along with a snippet or two from their website. Most manufacturers will only sell to the trade; through distributors, dealers, retailers or installers, like ITS - see our full line of vinyl pool liners.

Dover Vinyl Products

Dover Vinyl Products has been manufacturing vinyl liners in the USA since 1971 and is a family owned and operated business. All operations are overseen to ensure quality control and provide each customer with the highest level of service in the pool industry. Quality, fit and customer service are the cornerstones that our business is built. All liners are custom cut by our advanced computerized cutting machines to ensure a perfect fit, and are made from top quality vinyl that is formulated with built-in sanitizing agents that inhibit the growth of algae and mildew and UV inhibitors to help prevent damage from UV rays. Our skilled draftsmen use a state-of-the-art CAD system with the ability to handle the most difficult and complex pool liner designs.

Garrett Liners

Garrett Liners is the longest established vinyl swimming pool liner manufacturer in the world. It was founded in 1964 by Bill and Winnie Garrett, parents of present majority owner Ken Garrett, who has run the company since 1975. We have grown from 5000 square feet in an old industrial building to our current modern, state-of-the-art 49,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania. This facility is our headquarters and manufacturing center for inground liners, above ground liners, and safety covers. We are very proud of our reputation in the industry and take pride in putting our family name on each liner and cover that we make. We are not the biggest manufacturer, but we believe we are the best!

GLI Pool Products

GLI Pool Products of Youngstown, Ohio, is a privately held swimming pool products manufacturer. The company's core products are pool vinyl liners, pool covers, pool fence and pool cleaners. GLI is committed to delivering our pool products, particularly our custom pool liners and safety covers in under 72 hours. Predictably fast and flawless delivery in a seasonal business is a service that customers come to rely on for planning their business with GLI. The majority of GLI products are sold through wholesale pool distributors and swimming pool retailers/dealers/builders/service companies. Like SPP - see our GLI liners. GLI factory processes are among the best, with a strict adherence to continual process improvement.

Kayden Mfg.

Kayden Mfg. is a small, family owned vinyl pool liner manufacturer in Hackensack, NJ. Although we are small, we think big. We design, fabricate, and distribute right here in the U.S. and outsource nothing. here most liner manufacturers use a 1/4? to 1/2? bar to weld, we use a full 1? bar. We also point our seams down-hill. It makes the seams less visible, and dirt will not hang up on them. Bulge-less corners, premium grade 100% virgin vinyl and our liners are backed by a 25 year, 2 year full, pro-rated warranty - the longest in the industry. We are dedicated to constantly working towards being better by producing unmatched quality, being the most flexible, having the fastest turn-around time and proactively serving our customers.


Latham Pool Products

Latham has multiple strategically located manufacturing facilities in Canada and the U.S., and offers the fastest turnaround of liners in the industry. Our goal is to ship in three days once we receive a clean order. Having multiple manufacturing locations also results in lower shipping costs for you. Latham's exclusive Ultra-Seam process makes floor seams stronger and virtually invisible. No more visible lines on the floor detracting from the beauty of the pool! With over 50 years of history, Latham has led the way with pioneering products and holds a multitude of patents for products attesting to its legacy of innovation. Latham was the first pool liner manufacturer to print a tiled motif at the water line, and also brought about 3D printing of vinyl liner patterns.


LOOP-LOC Luxury Liners are the first in-ground pool liners good enough and beautiful enough to come from the legendary LOOP-LOC, the company known for the ultimate safety swimming pool cover. Our liners are manufactured using only the highest quality virgin vinyl material in durable 20 and 28 mil thicknesses. Our state-of-the-art computer technology and manufacturing equipment ensures a perfect fit on any pool - from a simple rectangle to the most complex form-fit pool liner. Our designers create spectacular "exclusive" patterns, custom designed to transform your swimming pool into a true work of art. Other liner manufacturers use stock patterns that can be found in numerous places.

McEwen Industries

McEwen Industries is a family owned company started by two brothers that has been a leader in the swimming pool industry since 1991. Our success is rooted in our passion to consistently provide the very best in quality and value through your local professional pool and spa retailer. Our specialties include inground pool liners, above ground pool liners, safety covers, in ground pools, above ground pools and spas. All of our products are custom designed and meticulously crafted to ensure years of carefree use. We pride ourselves on providing legendary service and our ability to meet the custom demands of every family. Our family name is on our company and we offer complete customer satisfaction.

Merlin Industries

Merlin Industries has appearance and quality construction come together beautifully in a Merlin pool liner. It all begins with the design; many of our patterns are Merlin exclusives, developed in collaboration with professional designers whose creations reflect the latest home decor and color trends. The result is a liner certain to make your pool the centerpiece of your backyard. As varied as they are attractive, Merlin liners are available in both 27 mil and 20 mil thicknesses of 100% virgin vinyl - including our Value Max liners, which offers 27 mil thickness at 20 mil prices! All of our U.S.A.-made vinyls provide extra U.V. and antibacterial protection to look better, longer. We moved in 2005 to a new state of the art 100,000 square foot location in Hamilton, NJ. Merlin now employs over 260 people.

Pegasus Products

Pegasus Products has for over three decades has been manufacturing the highest quality swimming pool liners available. We are a family run business that prides itself on quality manufacturing, products, and exceptional customer service. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the plastic. The material we use is made from virgin vinyl, flexible Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC) sheeting containing various additives, i.e. inhibitors for mildew, mold and algae. These additives improve the life and quality of the vinyl by increasing its resistance to chemical/detergents, brittleness, and punctures. The material combines high strength with durability and low temperature flexibility. Keeping our standards high has helped us create a loyal national customer base.

Cardinal Systems

Pen Fab (now Cardinal Systems) has been making liners for 45 years. New is the Clean Seam for your vinyl liner. We use RF vulcanized welding, which has been a proven industry standard since the introduction of vinyl liners, to create your pool liner. Implementing a new twist on this proven technology, we now provide a clean, foot friendly seam on the floor of your liner which will not only feel good, it will look good as well. Quality control is paramount at Pen Fab, from initial design through final inspections before shipment. Every Pen Fab department has its own quality control team, and we use only 20 or 28 mil virgin vinyl, which is never stretched thinner.


Plastimayd LLC was founded in 1952 in Portland, Oregon. Originally manufacturing a diverse offering of vinyl products including rain jackets and golf bag covers. Plastimayd turned to the production of swimming pool liners in 1960. As one of the oldest in the business and driven by increased demand for custom fit, high quality replacement liners, Plastimayd dropped all other products and dedicated itself to the swimming pool industry. As more homes added pools to their yards, Plastimayd expanded its operations to the South in 2000 by building a state of the art production facility in Bossier City, LA and the Northeast and Southeast in 2007 through the acquisition of VynAll, one of the most coveted and respected names in the industry.

Pocono Pool Products

Pocono Pool Products has been manufacturing quality vinyl liners since 1981. We specialize in custom in-ground liners in all shapes and sizes as well as high quality aboveground liners. Our design team has over 60 years of combined experience creating liners that fit. Pocono Pool Products offers a broad selection of stylish patterns in both 20 and 28 mil virgin vinyl. Our liners are manufactured utilizing the finest materials available as well as the latest in computer-aided design and manufacturing processes. All our liners feature UV inhibitors and acrylic topcoat that helps prevent fading from chemicals and sunlight, maintains print quality and provides years of lasting beauty. Our 25 years of liner installation and pool construction experience have made us a leader in the industry.

Precision Vinyl

Precision Vinyl was founded in 1987 we have manufactured thousands of pool liners. With over 30 years in the vinyl swimming pool industry-from manufacturing to installation, we recognize the problems that arise as a pool owner and we know how to solve them. Located in New Hudson, MI, our friendly, courteous staff is ready to help and answer questions you might have. We pride ourselves on attention to detail. Each product is inspected throughout its assembly and final inspections are done by in-house professionals prior to shipping. With a close eye for detail, you can be assured that your product has met with our high standards. We manufacture custom made 20 ml. vinyl pool liners, and a wide range of other vinyl products:

Swimline Corp.

Swimline Corp. is a family owned and operated business. Founded in 1971 Swimline has grown to be the largest manufacturer of above-ground swimming pool liners in the world. In addition Swimline Corp. is the largest importer of in-ground and above-ground swimming pool covers and related accessories. Swimline Corp. carries the most current above-ground liner patterns in the industry and the innovative 2 in 1 uni-bead liner system. We produce the highest quality liners available using the most advanced technology in the industry. We also carry a complete line of winter covers, leaf nets and winter accessories. Our liners are made in the USA with virgin vinyl.

Tara Mfg.

Tara Manufacturing was founded in 1984, as a family-owned and operated pool supply manufacturing company that is dedicated to producing high quality vinyl pool liners and strong, durable pool safety covers. Our manufacturing facility is located in North Alabama and we are committed to using North American vinyl. Last year we debuted our most recent innovation, the Tara Laser - automated pool measuring system. Designed and built in-house, the Tara Laser, offers dealers a simple way to measure the perimeter of a pool. It can scan a pool in 20 minutes and records up to 1600 measurements. We were also the first manufacturer to provide an online order system.

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