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Inground Pool Kits with Tanning Ledges

Can you put a tanning ledge on an inground vinyl pool? You sure can! Also known as a Baja Shelf or Sun Lounge, they replace the standard drop-in white thermoplastic steps, and become part of the pool itself. The ledge or shelf is constructed of heavy polymer plastic or heavy gauge galvanized steel, bolted to the walls, filled with gravel and set in a concrete base. The vinyl liner is made to fit the shelf specs exactly. We're getting more and more requests for tanning ledges these days without inground pool kits - they are very popular!

regular 3-step wedding cake entry step and deep end swim out

1. By Elite Vinyl Pools, a regular 3-step wedding cake entry step and deep end swim out.  

Steel box step is covered in soft vinyl over padding

2. Steel box step is covered in soft vinyl over padding. Photo by McEwen Industries.

Sun ledge tanning ledge

3. Amazing example by Caribbean Pools using a Sun Ledge step on a vinyl pool.  

Freeform pool with tanning ledge

4. Jack Anthony Pools added this expansive tanning ledge on a freeform vinyl pool.  

Vinyl pool with step

5. Swim Aloha added this bench onto a vinyl pool with brick coping and aggregate decking.  

Step and ledge in vinyl pool

6. Step and Ledge combo by Aqua Blue gives this vinyl pool an elegant feel.  

vinyl pool with tanning ledge

7. Creative Water Works uses this composite step under vinyl to great effect.

Adding an enlarged step under the vinyl does increase the price of an inground vinyl pool kit. The price depends on size and style, etc, but most tanning ledges for vinyl pools cost an additional $2-3K, and they also require additional gravel and concrete to place the step during installation. But if you're looking for a way to increase your pool appeal - yes, you can build tanning ledges into a vinyl liner pool.

And, you can build it yourself, and we can show you how!

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