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How to Install a Pool Skimmer Weir

Installing a replacement skimmer weir just got easier! Universal skimmer weirs, aka generic skimmer weirs, are sold in different sizes to match the width across the opening of your pool skimmer. No tools are required to install the new design (old design shown on left), which incorporates a one-pull wire to remove both pins at once, allowing the spring to expand and hold the weir in place.

Skimmer weirs are an important part of your pool skimmer. Without a skimmer weir in place, the skimming action is greatly reduced, and when the pump shuts off, the debris inside the skimmer can easily float out of the skimmer, where it can sink to the bottom.

Easier to install and cheaper to buy than OEM skimmer weirs, universal weirs are available in 12 sizes or widths to fit almost any skimmer.

Check your skimmer weirs today, making sure they are not broken, missing parts or becoming stuck on the sidewalls of the skimmer. Buy the skimmer weir that matches the width of your skimmer, as measured across the front of the plastic skimmer opening where it meets the wall of the pool. Weirs can be trimmed carefully with a hacksaw if the skimmer sidewalls are bowed inward, blocking weir movement.

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