Designer Pool Ladders & Rails


If you haven't seen the hottest new pool upgrade yet, don't feel left out, designer pool ladders and rails are new!

An easy way to spiff up your pool area is by adding points of visual interest. New style pool rails are eye popping and head turning, and sure to grab the attention of friends and neighbors.

SR Smith and Inter-Fab, two of the largest rail, slide and dive manufacturers have led the way with their new Designer and Artisan inspired pool ladders and hand rails.

Designer Pool Ladders

Stainless steel pool ladders are de rigueur for the well equipped pool. Durable and attractive, they are also an important deep end safety device, and required for pools with diving boards or dive rocks.

designer-pool-ladders-2SR Smith brings us the Meridian and Artisan pool ladder designs, with a contemporary flair. Patented design has standard 1.90" diameter rail tubes to fit any inground pool ladder socket. 304 stainless steel, with an option for 316L stainless steel. Powder coating the SS is another option, in 4 colors.

InterFab Designer stainless steel pool ladder has a dark satin brushed finish, and is available in a 3 step or 4 step height, with 6 powder coat colors and 3 Thermo Plastic coatings. Also available by special order are flange mounted Designer Pool Ladders, which bolt into an existing deck, for a quick install nearly anywhere.

Designer Pool Hand Rails

Pool Hand Rails are a practical accessory that makes entry and exit safe and secure. Many people find pool ladders impossible to use; shallow end entry steps with a hand rail is the only way they can use the pool.

InterFab Designer Pool Rails

InterFab's newest line of Designer Hand Rails and Grab Rails (above) are designed to fit in place of standard Figure-4 grab rails and hand rails. And like the Designer pool ladders, all can be special ordered in 9 colors and with a deck flange for surface mounting.


SR Smith Artisan Hand Rails

SR Smith wouldn't let InterFab out-design them, so they answered the call from sophisticated pool owners to create a new line of sleek handrails with jaunty angles. Stainless Steel hand rails fit into standard 1.9" anchor sockets, and matches most common rail spacing.


Have Pool ladders and Hand Rails become chic and fashionable? It seems so, and black is the new chrome! Steel brushed, powder coated or wrapped in KoolGrips neoprene, your rails can be nearly any color or finish!

Adding artfully bent and polished ladders and rails to your pool makes a bold statement about your sense of style. If your ladders and rails can use an upgrade, take a look at Designer pool ladders and Designer pool rails!

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