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Basic Above Ground Pool Landscaping

Above ground pools are more beautiful when you add some color, shapes and textures of landscaping around the pool, just basic landscaping! Today we bring you several ways to approach basic landscaping around the pool, to protect the pool while being easy to maintain.

1. Natural Rock Pool Entrance with 12" gravel bed surrounding pool. Gravel is important for drainage near the pool edge, and should slope away from the pool.

2. After the obligatory gravel ring around the pool (do not put mulch up against the pool), this pool has a two level brick path around the pool, lined with sunny planter areas, and potted plants around the wood deck and privacy fence.

3. A raised planter bed around the pool makes a solid separation to the lawn and frames this pool nicely.

4. A custom built wood deck covers up difficult to maintain areas, and lining it with potted plants softens the angles.

5. This deck was built two steps above the back patio to create a walk-in above ground pool, using an inground vinyl pool kit. Walls were covered with pine planks, and flanked with gravel and evergreen foliage.

6. Over time, bushes that are well fed and watered will fill out the space around the pool. Be careful not to choose plants that really want to spread out, but those that stay in the 2-3 ft range.

7. A large privacy hedge on one side, small deck area with potted plants lining the steps, and seasonal flower beds.

8. You can find lots of custom gravels at your local nursery, in different size, shapes and colors. Small ring of mulch helps to delineate the grass edge and keep it from growing into the rocks.

9. Half buried pool, somewhere in the south, guessing by the choice of plants that grow well in sunny southern states. Can you find the garden gnome?

Remember these important points of above ground pool landscaping:

  1. Do not mulch up to the edge of the pool, it holds moisture and creates acidic soils, use a 6-12" gravel border.
  2. Always slope away from the pool, to keep water and moisture draining away from the pool.
  3. Do not obstruct the view of the pool from the house, for safety reasons.

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