Pro-Strength Polar Winter Pool Cover 18x36 ft Rectangle with Step Options

Item No. W5360-VAR
Item No. W5360-VAR
Pro-Strength Polar Winter Pool Cover 18x36 ft Rectangle with Step Options
Pro-Strength Polar Winter Pool Cover 18x36 ft Rectangle with Step Options
Pro-Strength Polar Winter Pool Cover 18x36 ft Rectangle with Step Options Pro-Strength Polar Winter Pool Cover 18x36 ft Rectangle with Step Options
$139.99 - $259.84

18' x 36' - Pool Size / 23' x 41' - Cover Size More Details

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18' x 36' - Pool Size / 23' x 41' - Cover Size


  • Available with or without water tubes.
  • Pro-Strength 10-Year in-ground pool covers provide excellent value for superior durability and strength.
  • UV protected, heavy weight polypropylene is tough! Our triple laminated inner scrim stands up to high winds, blowing debris and weather.
  • Pro-Strength in ground pool covers will also resist mildew, chlorine and other pool chemicals and are tested to withstand temperatures up to -50F!
  • Wide Water Bag Loops are placed every 4 ft. so that water bags are held secure all winter long.
  • Heat sealed seams prevent water seepage into your pool and are much stronger than stitched seams.
  • Double stitched edges with full tacking on corners, withstand strong pulling without unraveling.
  • Consistently our top rated in ground pool cover, read the pool cover reviews from real pool owners, like you!
  • Save money when you combine our quality in ground pool cover with our double water bags.

How to buy an In Ground Solid Winter Pool Cover: In The Swim has a pool cover to meet every budget. All of our in ground pool covers have great performance, and a wide range of prices. Better performing winter pool covers have more layers and a tighter weave. The tighter weaves and the more laminate layers used, the stronger the cover will be against damage and failure.

All of our in-ground pool covers are coated to prevent damaging UV radiation. Which cover should you select? Buy the winter pool cover that meets your durability requirements, while also meeting your pool budget. At In The Swim, we strive to have an in-ground pool cover that matches your available funds on any given day.

How to install your in-ground pool cover. When the pool cover is delivered, first check that the pool size measurements on the box match your actual pool size. Our in-ground covers are made with a 5 foot overlap. A 20x40 in-ground pool cover would have an actual size of 25x45. If you want a 20x40' pool cover, order the 16'x36' pool cover, which will measure 21'x41' from edge to edge.

After cleaning the pool and adding your winterizing pool chemicals, unbox the new pool cover and unroll it while you spread it across the pool. Place water bags or pool cover weights on the shallow end edge of the pool cover to help hold the cover in place as you unfold it towards the deep end.

Spread the winter cover over the pool so that it floats on the pool surface, and pull it to work out any packing wrinkles. Fold any excess material underneath, but be sure to cover at least two feet of pool deck, all around the pool.

After centering the pool cover, covering all edges or coping stone by 2-3 feet, lay your water bags, aka water tubes around the pool edge. Use a garden hose to fill the water bags about 70% full. Overfilling may cause the water bags to roll, or to pop the valve top when the water freezes.

Pull on the edges of the cover all around the pool, to pull out any wrinkles on the cover surface to make pumping and cleaning the cover easier. Remove any cover folds or wrinkles over the pool deck, to allow rainwater to run-off, away from the pool.

How to care for an in ground pool cover. An automatic pool cover pump is easiest, but manual pumps are more affordable. Keep no more than ½” of water on the cover, more than that can stress seams, and water on the surface creates an unsafe condition for young children and pets.

Using a Leaf Catcher leaf net is an excellent tip if many leaves fall on your pool cover, either fall or spring. A leaf net is spread across the pool cover at closing and is left on until all of the autumnal leaves have fallen. Then, one day in early winter, get a helper and each grab a corner, and in one swift motion, pull all of the leaves off of the pool cover.

Leaves, twigs, acorns and other debris can be easily removed with a Leaf Rake type of skimmer net, or it can be gently pushed to one side with a pool brush. A leaf blower can also be used, after rain water / snow melt is removed.

How to remove an in-ground pool cover. During pool opening, carefully remove the water bags. After removing the all of the water from the pool cover you can remove it from the pool.

DO NOT try to remove the cover from the pool without a cover pump, and/or without removing 95% of the water on top of the cover first. If not, it may spill pool cover water into the pool and/or rip the cover in the process. Use a bucket or siphon or pump – whatever it takes, to remove nearly all of the water from your winter pool cover before removal.

Take the cover to an area large enough to spread it out. Driveways work well; you can keep the cover off the side of the driveway, and clean it one section at a time. Take the time to clean off the driveway, so the underside of your pool cover won’t become dirty while cleaning the topside of the cover.

Product Type: Pool Cover
Cover Type: Winter Cover
Pool Type: In Ground
Shape: Rectangle
Size: 18 x 36

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