Meyco - Meyco Mesh Safety Cover 16x32 ft Rectangle, Green

Item No. 401263 | Manufacturer SKU: 1632
Item No. 401263 | Manufacturer SKU: 1632
Meyco  Meyco Mesh Safety Cover 16x32 ft Rectangle Green
Meyco  Meyco Mesh Safety Cover 16x32 ft Rectangle Green

Get year-round pool protection with the 16 x 32 ft. Meyco Safety Pool Cover. Prevent accidents and keep debris out of your pool with Meyco. More Details

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Get year-round pool protection with the 16 x 32 ft. Meyco Safety Pool Cover. Prevent accidents and keep debris out of your pool with Meyco.
  • Meyco pool cover comprised of 2-ply Meycolite mesh
  • Anchors retract to be flush with pool deck when not in use
  • Compatible with wood or concrete decks
  • Size is 16 ft. by 32 ft. in a rectangle shape
  • Forest green cover. Blue available as a custom order
  • Great for protection from winter weather and in-between swim season
  • Cover includes installation tool, storage bag, brass pop-up anchors and stainless steel springs
  • Rotary hammer drill and 3/4-in. drill bit required for installation
  • Bears up to 4,000 lbs. at one time
  • For in-ground pools
  • Prevents accidental drowning when pool is not in use
  • Lightweight mesh keeps large debris out of pool while allowing water to seep through
  • Resistant to mildew, rot, pool chemical damage and sunlight
  • Before purchasing, please see the required safety criteria for installation. Installing without following this criteria will void the warranty
  • 12-year limited warranty

Must meet the following criteria for safety purposes:

- Rectangle pool, square corners or no more than a 2' radius corner.

- No obstructions that can not be removed within 18" of the waterline. Such as ladders, slides or diving boards.

- Must have at least 3' of concrete on all sides of the pool.

Q: How does the cover secure down to my pool?

- 3/4" holes are drilled with a masonry drill bit (not included) and the brass anchors are tapped into the holes. Then using the installation tool, the cover springs are levered over the anchor and secured.

Q: What is the warranty on the cover?

- The covers is backed by a 12 year warranty.

Q: What is included with the cover?

- Anchoring system, stainless steel buckles and protective cover springs, installation tool, and heavy-duty storage bag are included.

Prevent Accidents and Protect Your Pool with a Meyco Pool Cover

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing no one will accidentally fall into your pool when it's not use with a Meyco mesh pool cover. The first company to ever manufacture pool covers, Meyco has been improving on their design since the cover's inception in 1957. With the ability to hold up to 4,000 lbs. of tension, there's never a reason to worry about what may fall onto your pool -- in 1979, in fact, a car careened onto pool with a Meyco cover. The cover held up the car -- the driver opened the door and walked off onto solid ground!

Apart from its stellar weight bearing performance, the Meyco rectangle cover boasts many great features. Its "disappearing anchor" is drilled into your in-ground pool deck to hold the cover in place, and retracts into the ground when not in use, making it virtually invisible and impossible to trip over. Stainless steel, brass and aluminum hardware won't rust or leave stains on pool decks. The cover's mesh design lets water seep through but prevents large debris from getting in your pool. Overall, the Meyco pool cover is a great investment for pool protection.

Product Type: Pool Cover
Cover Type: Safety Cover
Pool Type: In Ground
Shape: Rectangle
Size: 16 x 32
Color: Green
Manufacturer: Meyco

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