Filter Cartridges - Dual Core

Dual Core

Pleatco Dual Cores

Today's swimming pool supply shoppers are more educated than ever and demand the best. With a Pleatco filter they can be assured that Pleatco's engineers understand their needs and have designed an advanced filter cartridge which gives the buyer the best of both worlds, the longest life and cleanest water.

Water Polishing System - You can see the difference!

Traditional filter cartridges use a single filtration fabric. Pleatco’s proprietary Advanced Filtration System (AFS) uses two enhanced filtration medias which clean water to the purest level without lowering the life-span of the filter. The AFS outer fabric is an Antimicrobial media; the inner PleatcoPureTec media is unique only to Pleatco and captures tiny particles too small for the eye to see.

Pleatco’s DUAL CORE design is effective for many reasons.

The inner fabric does not clog with larger particles because the outer material acts as a pre-filter. Pleatco’s FREE FLOW CORES are created to maximize water flow. The competitors use an inferior core made of drilled PVC pipe. Without proper water flow an inferior designed core can create excessive pressure that can lead to cracked plumbing which will reduce the life of a pool or spa’s pump.

Pleatco Dual Core