Hayward Multiport Valves

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When you have a sand filter or D.E. filter, a Hayward multi-port valve is a must. In The Swim carries a variety of Hayward multi-port valves in different sizes, mounts and positions at great prices. Find the right Hayward filter valve or Hayward slide valve to fit your filter easily. Choose from either 1.5 or 2 inch applications for either sand or D.E. filters. Many Hayward multi-port valves are side mount, but top mount multi valves are also available. Hayward uses heavy duty stainless steel springs and ABS plastic for valve bodies and covers. The valve seat is high quality neoprene to reduce the chances of leaks. While some come with a built-in sight glass, most Hayward multi-port valves are self-cleaning and prevent clogging or sticking. Make In The Swim your go-to place for pool supplies and pool equipment. We proudly carry Hayward products, such as the Vari-Flo multiport valves, slide valves and ball valves from Hayward, all at great prices to serve you better.