Filter Cartridges - Antimicrobial

Pleatco+Plus Antimicrobial Filters from Johns Manville

The water in your pool or spa is only as clean as the filter you use. The latest Pleatco+PLUS ANTIMICROBIAL Filter Cartridges are constructed with innovative Filtration Media which combines 100% polyester synthetic fibers with antimicrobial technology. This combination filters out unwanted contaminants and inhibits the growth of bacteria - making sure your water is always perfectly clean, clear & pure.

  • Inhibits growth of bacteria on filter media
  • Works continuously for life of the cartridge
  • Enhances performance of filter

Pleatco+PLUS uses antimicrobial product protection to protect the filter cartridge from being a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and algae that can cause odors and product deterioration. Pleatco+PLUS Filter Cartridges are the ONLY product to use this technology in both the MEDIA and the END CAP.

Antimicrobial protection is manufactured into products during its construction to provide continuous antimicrobial product protection.

Microbes, such as bacteria, are living cells that are too small to be seen with the naked eye. They can double in population size as fast as every 20 minutes. In some cases, algae can damage product surfaces such as your swimming pool filter.

The antimicrobial protection can go through the cell wall of these microbes and disrupt their checmical processes so they are unable to function, grow and re-produce. See how it works here. Microban protection works all the time... throughout the lifetime of your Pleatco+PLUS Premium Filter Cartridge.