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More about Pool Door Alarms and Gate Alarms

Pool Gate Alarms are a great way of knowing when someone enters the pool area uninvited, and are a required water hazard alarm in many areas. When your pool gate opens, an 85 db alarm sounds, unless the bypass switch is pressed within 7 seconds. In The Swim supplies the Poolguard Gate Alarm, model GAPT-2 that meets ul 2017 and California Pool Safety Act 2018 requirements, to help keep your pool area safe and secure. Gate alarms for pools are powered by a 9V battery with low power indicator and will work on pool fence gates with a post gap of 1.25" for steel gates and 2.5" for wood fence gates.

Pool Door Alarms are used on back doors and windows that lead to the pool area, and will alert you with a loud 85 db alarm when the pool door is opened, without first pressing the bypass / reset button. Two pool door alarms are available, Poolguard DAPT-2 and DAPT-WT with wireless transmitter. Poolguard DAPT-2 has a 7-second delay before sounding, allowing time to open the door and then press the button to deactivate the alarm. DAPT-WT sounds immediately when the door is opened, unless the bypass button is pushed first. Most pool owners use DAPT-2 door alarm, unless your inspector or local codes require an immediate sounding door or window alarm. DAPT-WT includes the wireless transmitter, a bypass button placed on the outside of the pool door, for a bypass on both sides of the door. 

The PoolGuard pool door alarm, meets all state and local codes for a water hazard entrance alarm for pool doors, gates and windows that lead to the pool. These magnetic self-latching pool gate and door alarms will sound an audible warning when the two sensors are separated. Siren will sound indefinitely, until the bypass button (reset button) is pushed. PoolGuard pool door alarms work on all types and sizes of doors, including sliding doors and windows, with a 3/4" maximum distance between sensors. 

Beyond using a gate alarm, locking gate latches such as the SafeTech Viper Latch gate latch, and the pull-top Magna-Latch style SafeTech TriLatch pool gate latch are affordable and effective safety devices to ensure that pool gates are self-closing and self-latching, as required by pool safety codes.

In The Swim understands that your family's safety is always the first priority. If you have questions or concerns regarding pool door alarms or gate alarms, please contact our pool safety experts via phone or email, for help selecting the best pool door and gate alarms to meet your specific requirements. 1-800-288-7946.