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Vinyl Pool Liners for Above Ground Pools

Choosing the right above ground pool liner is one of the important aspects of establishing the identity of any above ground pool. Aside from aesthetics, there are also some more practical factors to consider about vinyl pool liners for above ground pools. The right above ground vinyl liner secures the longevity of your pool.

Above Ground Pool Liners: Overlap, Beaded & Unibead

The gauge or thickness of pool liners can affect the overall durability of the vinyl liner. The standard gauge for an above ground pool liner is 20 ga, yet you can upgrade to a thicker vinyl liner for increased durability and puncture resistance. In The Swim liners are made in the USA, with a quality control process that ensures a defect rate of below 0.1%; above ground pool liners that you can count on for season after season.

New above ground pool liners let you define the style of your pool and yard, and of course serve to keep the water in the pool. Replacement above ground liners are one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to give your pool a makeover, but make sure you use the right type of pool liner. Above-ground pools require a specific type of liner, using either an Overlap, Unibead J-hook, Expandable Depth, or Beaded pool liners. You can convert your pool from overlap liners to beaded liners by using liner conversion strips. Beaded liners offer many more designs and tile patterns, they are easier to replace, and you won't see any overlapping vinyl on the outside of the pool wall.

When replacing a pool liner, don't forget to replace your skimmer and return gaskets and faceplates, and buy new liner coping strips for overlap pool liners. To protect new pool liners, consider using pool liner pad, pool cove and wall foam, to help protect your above ground liner from punctures and other damage. Before you check-out, be sure to take a look at our expansive stock of pool liner installation supplies on our pool liner accessories page.

Have fun exploring all of our above ground pool liners; you will be sure to find the perfect pool liner pattern that fits your style and breathes new life into your pool. For pool liner installation steps, see the liner FAQ and More Info tabs on each pool liner product page. If you have any questions about pool liners, selection or installation, send our pool liner experts an email or call directly to 1-800-288-7946.

Learn More About Above Ground Pool Liners

How do you install an above ground pool liner?

Replacing an above ground pool liner can be an easy weekend project that can save you money when you do the pool liner installation yourself. For more information, check out our Above Ground Pool Liner DIY Installation Guide featuring easy-to-follow steps on how to install a replacement pool liner for your above ground swimming pool.

What type of pool liner do I need for my above ground pool?

There are some easy ways to determine what type or style of vinyl pool liner you will need for your above ground pool. Check out our helpful article, Above Ground Pool Liners: Overlap, Beaded and J-Hook for a quick breakdown of the different above ground pool liner types.

Above Ground Pool Liner Pattern Choices Video

Which Pool Liner Pattern Should I Choose and Why?

Above Ground Pool Liners: Overlap, Beaded & Unibead Explanation Video

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