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In The Swim Knowledge Pool: Pool Water Testing

In The Swim's Dr. Pool

Pool & Spa Water Testing Supplies

Pool water testing is important to maintain a balanced pool or spa, helping to ensure the health of your swimming pool water. In The Swim provides the best pool water testing products which include pool test kits, pool test strips, and pool water test kit reagents. Water testing kits and test strips provide tests for Free Available Chlorine, Total Available Chlorine, Bromine, Alkalinity, pH, Calcium Hardness, Salt, Cyanuric Acid and more. Testing your pool water will help keep your pool clean and safe for swimmers to enjoy.

Pool Test Kits

Pool Test Kits provide incredibly accurate water test results for many different pool water chemistry levels. There are basic pool water testing kits which test for chlorine and pH to cover the basics. There are also comprehensive pool testing kits which provide tests for total alkalinity, cyanuric acid, total and free available chlorine, calcium hardness and pH.

Pool Test Strips

Pool Test Strips are a fast and convenient way to test for multiple water chemistry levels at the same time. After dipping the water test strip into the pool or spa water, compare the specific test pads on the test strip to the color chart located on the water test strip container for quick and easy water testing results.

Digital Pool Water Testers

To make pool and spa water testing even easier, there are Digital Pool Water Testers that eliminate the need of having to compare colors on a chart. The Solaxx SafeDip Digital Pool Water Chemistry Reader is easy-to-use, accurately measuring free chlorine, pH, ORP, Salt, Total Dissolved Solids, and Temperature with one device.

Pool Test Kit Reagents

Pool Test Kit Reagents are a necessary component for many pool water testing kits. In The Swim offers replacement reagents and refills for popular brands such as Taylor Technologies for use with Taylor pool test kits. Liquid reagents and dropper bottles for Othotolidine, OTO pool test kits are available to test for total available chlorine. Diethyl-p-phenylenediamine, DPD pool test kits also require reagent replacements including FAS-DPD liquid reagents or DPD powder that will test for free available chlorine.

Learn More About Pool Water Testing

How often should swimming pool water be tested?

When it comes to pool water testing and swimming pool water chemistry, there are many frequently asked questions by pool owners such as why test pool water or which pool test kit should they purchase for their pool? Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Pool Water Testing to find out the answers to these questions and more!