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In The Swim Knowledge Pool: Pool Test Kit Reagents

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Reagents for Pool Water Testing

Pool Test Kit Reagents are a key component for many pool and spa water test kits. In The Swim carries replacement pool testing kit reagents for top-selling water test kit brands such as Taylor Technologies and LaMotte. There are replacement reagents to help measure water chemistry levels including free and total chlorine, alkalinity, pH, cyanuric acid and calcium hardness. Whether you need to replace a bottle of Phenol Red pH indicator solution or refill your cyanuric acid reagent container, you can find it at In The Swim.

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What chemicals are in a pool test kit?

When it comes to pool water testing and water chemistry, there are many frequently asked questions by pool owners such as what pool water chemistry levels to test for or which pool test kit should they purchase for their pool? Check out, Beginner’s Guide to Pool Water Testing to find out the answers to these questions and more!