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Pool Valve Parts - valve lids, handles, gaskets, unions and more - to fit in-ground and aboveground pool multiport valves, slide valves, slice valves, diverter valves, and ball valves.

443 results

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In the swimming pool business, there are two types of pool valves - filter valves and diverter valves. Filter valves are called by more familiar names of Multiport Valves and Push-Pull or Slide Valves and are used for backwashing and other functions. Diverter valves however, are used to control water flow to and from the pool, pulling and pushing water to desired locations, at the desired flow rate.

Pool valves can be expensive and difficult to replace, which is why most pool valve manufacturers also make replacement pool valve parts. We carry a wide variety of replacement parts for multiport valves and slide valves, and parts for diverter valves of all types - ball valves, slice valves, Jandy valves, union valves, Vari-Flo valves, Trimline valves, and one-way check valves.

The most popular valve parts include gaskets and o-rings, handles and covers. Ball valves and diverter valves have just a handful of parts, but filter multiport valves can have over 25 separate parts, most of which fit only one or two valve models. This may be the reason why multiport valves tend to need more replacement parts than other valve types.

Ball Valve Repairs: The most common parts sold for ball valves is the tee-handle, often red or orange in color. Hayward ball valve parts include handles, the internal ball, and silicone seals and o-rings for the Hayward union valves.

Jandy Valve Repairs: The most common Jandy valve parts include the stem o-rings and cover o-ring, or the internal diverter kit, both ways to seal up a leaking Jandy valve. Jandy valve handles are also replaced often, many times a result of not lubing the valve diverter.

Multiport Valve Repairs: The easiest way to rebuild a multiport valve is by replacing the 'Key Assembly', which is everything that comes out of the valve when you remove the screws and lift up on the handle. Another popular multiport valve part are spider gaskets, wagon wheel shaped gaskets used under the diverter or rotor. Spider gaskets can experience wear and tear and then begin to leak from port to port, most noticeably when the backwash line starts to leak water, while in filter mode. Another common repair is replacing the stem o-rings and Teflon washer, to stop leaking around the handle.

Slide Valve Repairs: Push Pull valves can blow a gasket if not kept lubricated. Replace the piston o-rings if water begins to exit the backwash line, or if filter pressure suddenly drops very low. The entire slide valve piston (aka plunger) can also be replaced when damage occurs to the shaft or disks. Plunger handles can be replaced separately as needed.

Pool Valve Lubrication

Ball Valves: Do not require lubrication.

Jandy Valves: Gray valves require annual lubrication. Black Neverlube valves do not, but can benefit from lubrication if diverter becomes sticky.

Multiport Valves: Lubricate the flange o-ring when installing. Lubricate stem o-rings and cover o-ring if repairing or servicing valve.

Slide Valves: Lubricate the piston o-ring and the lid o-ring once or twice annually.

Use Only Teflon Based or Silicon Based pool lubricants, such as Magic Lube, Jack's 327, or BOSS 820 Lube. Do not use petroleum based lubricants, which can damage pool valve o-rings.