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In The Swim Knowledge Pool: Stain Chemicals

In The Swim's Dr. Pool

Stain & Scale Control in Pools

Pool stain chemicals are an integral part of keeping your pool looking clean, new and inviting. Keeping your pool water balanced and keeping a clean pool sometimes are not enough. In addition to our In The Swim stain chemicals, we also carry Aqua Pills, Jack's Magic, Natural Chemistry, and Sea-Klear pool stain chemicals. There are two types of pool stain chemicals - stain removers and stain preventers, and some that do a little of both removing and preventing pool stains.

Pool Stain Removers

With balanced water chemistry and a clean pool, stain removers are sprinkled over the surface to lift pool stains. For general purpose organic stains, try EZ Pool Stain Remover and for metallic stains try A Plus Stain Remover You can also make a Pool Stain Sock by pouring one of our pool stain removers, or pH Decreaser into a thin sock or hosiery, tied off tightly. Place directly over the stain, moving the location every few minutes, in the pool or with your pool brush. Finally a use for those orphan socks!

Pool Stain Preventers

Commonly called Stain & Scale chemicals, this group of pool stain chemicals is used to keep minerals and metals dissolved in solution. Known in the trade as sequestering agents, they chemically lock-up metals and minerals, so they cannot come out of solution to stain your pool surfaces. Pool stain prevention chemicals include products like Super Stain Away for Swimming Pools and SeaKlear Metal Klear. Use weekly to prevent pool stains from iron, calcium and copper, by keeping these metals and minerals safely dissolved in the pool water.

Pool Metal Removers

Pool sequestering agents don't actually remove metals from the water, they simply keep them dissolved in solution, as long as you add regular maintenance doses. However, major chemical movements or poor water chemistry can force metals and minerals out of solution, where they can stain or cloud the pool water. In such cases, an effective DE or Cartridge Pool Filter can remove suspended minerals and metals. One pool chemical however, CuLator Metal Eliminator and Stain Preventer actually REMOVES metals from your swimming pool water. Place the packet in the cage and drop it in your skimmer basket - absorbs copper, iron, manganese, nickel and cobalt ions.

Learn More About Pool Stain Chemicals

How do I get rid of stains in my pool?

Need some help figuring out why your pool is getting stained? Check out our helpful article on, Swimming Pool Stains Removal Guide to learn more about how to treat and remove pool stains as well as how to identify what type of pool stain you have.

What causes calcium scale in pools?

Most calcium scale occurs when pool water chemistry levels are out of balance, such as high calcium hardness in the water. Check out, Hard Pool Water: Removing Calcium Scale for a detailed discussion on how to stop or prevent calcium scaling and in addition, how to control pool scale.