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More About S.R. Smith Diving Boards

Since 1932, S.R. Smith has made quality diving boards for residential and commercial pools. In the Swim carries these popular, durable diving boards at the lowest price possible, giving you the opportunity to have a diving board at your very own pool. There are four different types of S.R. diving boards to choose from, varying in core type and shell material, and all of them have a non-slip surface for safety. The S.R. Smith fibre-dive replacement diving board uses a laminated wood core for strength and resiliency. The diving board is also reinforced at the fulcrum. The outer body is formed from a vacuum sealed acrylic skin with hand-laid fiber glass and resin roving. The S.R. Smith Frontier III replacement diving board uses a full-width laminated wood core for strength, durability and flexibility. The formed acrylic skin with hand-laid resin and fiberglass has a sanded, non-slip tread the length of the board. This board is designed for moderate to heavy use on your residential pool. For a slightly springier, lighter duty diving board, the S.R. Smith Frontier II replacement diving board consists of the same full-width laminated wood core with reinforced fulcrum point. The acrylic skin is vacuum formed and includes hand-laid fiberglass and resin for extra durability. A non-slip tread runs the entire length of the diving board. The S.R. Smith Glas-Hide replacement diving board features a solid edge to edge laminated wood core covered by a highly durable acrylic outer shell. An increased fulcrum point reinforcement adds to this diving board’s longevity. Designed for heavy use on your residential pool, this is the elite of back yard pool diving boards. Find the perfect S.R. Smith diving board for the lowest price possible at In the Swim. Choose from different boards with different cores and strengths. Almost all of the S.R. Smith diving boards come in many different lengths, making it easy for you to find the perfect board for your needs.

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