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More About Pool Safety Drain Covers

VGB approved pool drain covers from In The Swim replace existing pool drain covers to protect swimmers from being caught in the drain’s suction. The design of a pool safety drain cover allows more water to flow through the cover, to reduce the risk of a swimmer being trapped by powerful suction. The VGB pool & spa safety act requires the use of safety drain covers on all pool and spa installations, to prevent similar tragedy to that suffered by Virginia Graeme Baker in 2002. 

Also called anti-entrapment suction outlet covers, In The Swim carries many different sizes of round and square safety drain covers from industry-leading brands to attach to your existing main drain securely. A safety drain cover is an affordable added safety measure that will increase the safety level of your swimming pool without breaking your budget. Older style anti-vortex drain and suction outlet covers are no longer available; install our safe pool drain cover replacements instead.

We also carry main drain cover screws to secure a main drain cover, as well as rings, gaskets and screw sets for vinyl liner pool main drains, used when replacing the pool liner. Hydrostatic relief valves are also featured on this page. Hydrostats are used inside of drains to allow ground water to enter the pool, relieving severe hydrostatic pressure underneath a swimming pool. 

If you have any questions regarding swimming pool drain covers please contact In The Swim's pool product experts via email or phone - 1-800-288-7946.