River & Lake Recreation

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41 Results

River and Lake Recreation Takes On-the-Water Floating to New Levels

In The Swim makes it easier and more fun to take to the water beyond the pool with our River and Lake Recreation inflatables. More durable and stable than regular pool floats, these river and lake floats are highly portable and easy to use. Great for off-the-dock lake leisure, or drifting down a local river on your next river floating expedition. 

There’s nothing like floating down the river or kicking around the lake with style and in comfort, and the River Run I pool float is the perfect inflatable tube for the job. Solid plastic handles, a supportive back rest, drink holders and an integrated line around its circumference for friends on other floats to grab on to makes this inflatable the ultimate in floating comfort. River Rat floating tube is another popular floating tube, sturdy enough for rough river rides, can take a few bumps. 

Our Sofa Island pool float can fit several friends comfortably for a day on the water. No matter where you live or how big your pool is – or even if you don't have a pool – In The Swim has the perfect river and lake recreation floating tubes and rafts to satisfy your needs while fitting into your budget. Enjoy these inflatable tubes, rafts and floats in the pool, on the pond or drifting down the river knowing you got the best deal for the most fun at intheswim.com.