Pool Lighting Parts

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285 Results
Pool Light Parts for underwater pool and spa lights. Find above ground and in ground pool light parts, including wall niches, and pool bulbs of all types. Stocking spares from Hayward, Jacuzzi, Jandy, Pentair and Sta-Rite.

You may need pool lighting parts if your pool light will no longer illuminate, or you can see that water has made its way behind the light gasket and is visible inside of the light lens. Pool lighting is one of our smallest parts categories, simply because pool lights don't have very many pieces. From the outside in, we have an outer ring or bezel, the glass lens, the lens gasket, the clamp or screws to seal up the lamp watertight, and finally the bulb on the inside - basically 5 parts per light.

Pool Light Troubleshooting For a pool light that is not lighting, first check the circuit breaker, turning it off fully and back on again, and also inspect the GFCI outlet for a tripped TEST button. When installed, the GFCI outlet is usually located directly beneath the breaker box or timers, or placed nearby. For problems with water inside the pool light, replace the bulb and the gasket, and if your GFCI or Breaker is repeatedly tripping, also replace the bulb and gasket.

Pool Bulb and Gasket Replacement: Shut off power at the circuit breaker. Remove the screw at 12 o'clock and use a screwdriver to pry the lamp out of the wall niche. Smaller 1.5" LED lamps typically have a threaded body, turn CCW to remove from the wall. There will be just enough cord behind the lamp to pull the lamp up onto the pool deck for repair. Open up the lamp by removing the clamp or screws. A nutdriver or small socket wrench is the best tool for soft brass nuts. Use a small screwdriver to pry the lens from the lamp body, there is often a small amount of suction. Remove the bulb with a cloth, to protect your hands from cuts or burns. Threaded bulbs spin out CCW, and halogen bulbs are often push-twist CCW. Wipe down the inside and install the new bulb, again with a cloth to keep the bulb clean. Have a helper turn on the pool light briefly, just 1-2 seconds, as a test before reassembly. If the light does not illuminate with a new bulb, check for power coming to the pool light junction box, located off the deck, behind the pool light location. If power is found correct at the J-box, check the bulb for correct wattage and voltage, or replace the entire pool light.