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About Jandy

At In the Swim, one of our main goals is to provide our customers with quality products that will allow them to spend less time keeping up with pool maintenance, and more time swimming and enjoying their pool. Jandy, a highly respected manufacturer of equipment and supplies for both pools and spas, shares the same goal, and this is why we feature a large selection of Jandy's first-class products.

Jandy swimming pool heaters feature intelligent, efficiency-maximizing designs while requiring minimal space for the equipment. Incredibly versatile and reliable, Jandy swimming pool heaters are easy to install and provide significantly reduced operating costs. At In the Swim, we offer a number of different pool heaters from this well-respected manufacture, including Legacy LRZ heaters, LG heaters, LXi heaters and Hi-E2 heaters.

Jandy's LXi pool heaters are remarkably compact and are the easiest of all Jandy's heaters to install. These pool heaters can improve the efficiency of the circulation system and feature a superior hydraulic design. As with other Jandy pool heaters, the incredible efficiency of LXi heaters lowers operating costs and allows for excellent energy and money savings. LXi Jandy pool heaters also feature a user-friendly control panel for simple, straightforward use.

Legacy LRZ heaters and Hi-E2 heaters are also feature-rich and efficient. High-tech thermostat controls make it easy to set the desired temperature on these units and Legacy Jandy swimming pool heaters are available in two models, an electric ignition model and a millivolt ignition model. User-friendly and loaded with top of the line features, Jandy swimming pool heaters offer outstanding reliability, impressive performance and advanced technology.

In the Swim also offers heater covers to help protect your investment in Jandy pool heaters. Jandy offers weatherproof heater covers that provide heaters with protection against moisture and harsh winter weather, thus extending the life of your equipment and saving on repair or replacement costs. When used together, our Jandy heaters and heater covers will provide you with effective and efficient pool heating year after year.

Jandy Heaters Save Energy, Space