Hayward Above Ground Filters

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In The Swim is the online pool supply store that delivers the best prices on pool equipment you need to keep your pool clean and running efficiently. Choose from many different types of Hayward above ground pool filters at great prices.

The Hayward above ground sand filter is easy to set, use and maintain while effectively and efficiently removing small particles from your swimming pool. Hayward sand filters are known to be tough, reliable and efficient. Hayward cartridge filter systems will give you years of no-worry use, letting you enjoy crystal clear pool water with no backwashing, powders or sand. Hayward cartridge filters don’t clog as easily as lesser models so you get to enjoy more and work less. For the ultimate in pool filtering, check out Hayward D.E. filters that use a natural filter powder to remove the smallest, microscopic particles from your pool’s water. Hayward Perflex DE filters deliver a deep, comprehensive clean for above ground pools.

In The Swim is the one place you can find the greatest values on the pool supplies and pool equipment you rely on to keep your pool running and looking its best.