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Alternative Spa Covers Do More Than Protect Your Spa

Alternative spa covers provide options in keeping your spa nice, warm and protected. In the Swim carries alternative spa covers varying shapes and sizes all competitively priced.

Alternative spa covers are an economical way to take care of your spa or hot tub without investing in a cover. Whether your spa is square or round, built in or on the deck, In the Swim has an alternative spa cover that will get the job done at an economical cost.

One of our most popular alternative spa covers, The Protecta-Spa cover, protects your spa’s cover as well as the shell from rain, snow and sun helping it maintain its brand new appearance and extending its longevity.  The spa cover cap is another one of our fantastic options among our alternative spa covers. It helps seal your spa’s water off from the elements and protect your main cover.

In the Swim's alternative spa covers also includes solar spa covers that float on your spa and warm the water from the power of the sun. If you have a question about which of our alternative spa covers is for you, feel free to call or email our pool they will be happy to help you find the perfect alternative spa cover for your hot tub or spa.