Alternative Solar Covers

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More About Alternative Pool Solar Covers

Floating solar rings are a great investment to save money on the utility costs of heating your pool. These floating solar panels can generate 21,000 BTU’s of heat per solar ring per day. These affordable solar sun rings are an excellent alternative solar pool cover and much less expensive to full sized solar pool covers and easier to manage and handle.

Alternative solar pool covers work for inground and above ground pools and whether your pool uses chlorine as a sanitizer or is a saltwater pool. These inflatable 5 ft. round solar covers are most effective when several of them are covering at least 70% of your pool’s surface. Magnets on the edge snap them together in the pool, and help hold them to stack easily.

Please contact our pool experts via phone or email if you have questions regarding using Solar Sun Rings to add heat and retain heat in your pool or spa.