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More About Pool Toy & Float Air Pumps

Pool toy and float air pumps are a necessity to have on hand for any pool owner. Anyone who has inflated a pool float, raft or air mattress without the help of an inflatable pump knows that it is not only time-consuming but it's enough to make you light-headed! Spend more time floating in your pool with our manual hand pumps or battery operated air pumps. With today's trend to larger pool floats and lounges, electric air pumps are de rigeur in any pool owner's supply closet. 

Find super-efficient electric air pumps that connect to a standard 120V electric outlet and also portable battery operated air pumps. We carry double action manual air pumps that work with an up and down pump motion. Affordable and small foot air pumps are also available, yet electric models will save loads of time. Our entire selection is intended for inflating pool floats and toys, and can also inflate winter air pillows, air mattresses, balloons or even bicycle tires!