Underwater Magic Sealant, 9.8 oz Tube, Gray

Item No. 901038 | Manufacturer SKU: UWM-04
Item No. 901038 | Manufacturer SKU: UWM-04
Underwater Magic Sealant 9.8 oz Tube Gray
Underwater Magic Sealant 9.8 oz Tube Gray
Underwater Magic Sealant 9.8 oz Tube Gray Underwater Magic Sealant 9.8 oz Tube Gray
Sealant, Underwater Magic, 9.8 oz Tube, Gray is the right tool to replace tiles under, or near the waterline another repairs in and around swimming pools! More Details

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Sealant, Underwater Magic, 9.8 oz Tube, Gray is the right tool to replace tiles under, or near the waterline another repairs in and around swimming pools!
  • No Complicated Mixing
  • No Clouds In Your Pool
  • Use It While Your Pool Is In Use
  • No Silicone Contamination
  • Long Lasting
  • Excellent adhesion on most surfaces without a primer

USE OF UNDERWATER MAGIC ON VINYL LINER POOLS Underwater MagicTM and Underwater MagicTM Mosaic underwater Adhesives are solvent free and will not attack any kind of liner material. It can even be used to glue Styrofoam to itself or to other surfaces. There are more than 11,000 different types of vinyl liners on the market and over 7,000 of them are compatible with Underwater MagicTM. We recommend a self test to see if the liner material on your repair job is compatible with Underwater MagicTM or Underwater MagicTM Mosaic. The vinyl liner repair application is very simple, but needs some attention to achieve good, long lasting results. If you have determined Underwater MagicTM will work with the vinyl liner to be repaired here are some repair guidelines:

  1. When you use Underwater MagicTM, preparation is essential by cleaning the area to be repaired, make sure it is solid, and remove all loose particles, algae, and residuals of silicone, sunscreen and other grease. This is necessary to have a good bond.
  2. Roughening the vinyl surfaces carefully with fine grit wet/dry sandpaper has shown to achieve a better bonding result
  3. Common vinyl liner pool repairs which require Underwater MagicTM are leaks in and around inlets/outlets, main drains, skimmers, lights, thermoplastic steps, swim outs, and sun shelf structures.
  4. If applying a patch or repairing a liner tear, clean both the patch and the area where you need to apply the patch, and use a fine grit wet/dry sandpaper to roughen the surfaces slightly. Apply Underwater Magic in a square pattern, but not as a full face layer. Apply the patch and carefully press it against the repair area and give it 1 to 5 minutes to achieve initial bonding strength. (Time depends upon the positive bouncy strength of the patch) If you have access to both sides of the liner, we recommend applying a patch to both sides of the liner. Avoid excessive stress to the patch until Underwater Magic has fully cured.
  5. A shock treatment needs to be avoided during the full curing time of 5-7 days after application. Make sure the pool water chemistry is in balance (Chlorine/Bromine residuals at recommended levels, PH, Calcium, Total Alkalinity, etc...). The water temperature at the time of application needs to be between 41F and 104F. Remember that perpetually unbalanced water and over chlorination can be harmful to people and can damage the liner as well as equipment inside the pool.

Underwater MagicTM adhesive and sealant has been developed for all kinds of commercial- as well as residential pools.... been designed for a wide variety of tasks for indoor- , outdoor-, above ground- and in-ground swimming pools and spas, you can use it for all kind of swimming pool repairs like on concrete- fiberglass-, liner-, tiled- or gunite pools etc and for nearly any repair in and around your swimming pool and spa."

Underwater MagicTM is a 1 component sea and chlorine water resistant glue, which even seals underwater. It is odor free, it's free of: Oxime - acetic acid - isocyanate & solvents , 100% silicone free and Is not affected by: chlorine / salt (sea) water, weathering and uv light, Aliphatic solvents, oils, grease, diluted inorganic acids and alkalis.

Underwater MagicTM is permanently elastic with good abrasion resistance and good mechanical properties. Temperature resistant from -40C/F degrees to +90C / +194F, for a short time ( 2 to 3 hours) even to +200C / +392F, can fill gaps of up to 40 mm and is allowed in areas close to food.

Underwater MagicTM comes in a Standard caulking tube size used with a standard caulking gun with a filling of 290ml (approx. 9.8 US fl. oz.) or as 600ml bag (approx 20.29 US fl. oz.).

Proposition 65 WARNING:
Chemicals known to cause cancer:
  • 28553-12-0 di-''isononyl'' phthalate
  • 13463-67-7 titanium dioxide
Chemicals known to cause developmental toxicity:
  • 67-56-1 methanol
  • Product Type: Pool Maintenance
    Product Type: Pool Part
    Color: Gray
    Manufacturer: Profi-Glue

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