Zone Filtration - Skim Bag SB-1MB

Item No. 401360 | Manufacturer SKU: SB-1MB
Item No. 401360 | Manufacturer SKU: SB-1MB
Zone Filtration  Skim Bag SB-1MB
Zone Filtration  Skim Bag SB-1MB

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The Skim Bag skimmer filter is perfect for pre-filtering out pet hair, cottonwood debris, pine needles and anything that can pass through a standard skimmer basket. With a built in handle, you simply lift and rinse away the debris. This keeps your pump basket free and clear, your filter cycles longer, and your water cleaner and clearer than ever. The Skim Bag can also take the place of odd size skimmer baskets that cant be replaced. The collar can be trimmed to fit most any skimmer. Fine mesh material rinses clean. Collar: 8.5"

  • Filters out what your skimmer can't
  • Keeps your pump basket clean
  • Makes filter cycles longer so you save on backwashing
  • Makes cartridge cleanings super easy
  • Rinses clean with a hose
  • Use over and over

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