Algae-Free Chemical Kits

Algae-Free Chemical Kits

Algae-Free Chemical Kits

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Natural Chemistry Algae-Free Kits. We have the Key to Algae free! More Details

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Natural Chemistry Algae-Free Kits. We have the Key to Algae free!


Our Algae busting chemical value kits have everything you need to kill, remove, and prevent algae blooms for any size pool! Your problem is solved in just a few simple steps using some of our best products. For pool opening, closing, or any time you have an algae bloom you can count on this perfect chemical combination to get the job done!

Natural Chemistry Algae Free Kits:

  • Green to Clean is a powerful shock enhancement that is more effective and faster at killing algae than by shocking alone
  • Repeated shocking with our strongest Super Pool Shock destroys living algae and disintegrates the dead algae
  • Granular Filter Cleaner is our best formula for thoroughly cleaning your filter, especially after an algae bloom.
  • Pool First Aid uses Smartzyme technology to quickly and effectively break down non-living organic material in your pool. The powerful, concentrated formula acts fast to clean and clear pools that have water contamination, a clogged pool filter or waterline build-up.
  • PHOS Free uses a formula of natural, rare earth compounds to reduce your pool’s phosphate levels to near zero. Adding PHOS Free to your skimmer with leave a thin coating on your pool filter, leaving your pool water crystal clear – not cloudy like most other phosphate removers.

Order by pool size, in gallons. See the link below for the Natural Chemistry Algae Free Kit Instruction Sheet.