Pro-Strength Polar Plus Winter Pool Cover 16x25 ft Oval

Pro-Strength Polar Plus Winter Pool Cover 16x25 ft Oval

Pro-Strength Polar Plus Winter Pool Cover 16x25 ft Oval

Item No. B-W7116-VAR
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16' x 25' Oval Pool (20' x 29' Oval Cover) / 0 or 45 Clips More Details

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16' x 25' Oval Pool (20' x 29' Oval Cover) / 0 or 45 Clips



  • Available with or without Cover Clips.
  • Pro-Strength 12-Year above-ground pool covers are a big upgrade to our 8-Year pool covers. Excellent value for superior durability and strength.
  • Quality Pro-Strength above ground pool covers are Dark Green on top with a Black reverse side.
  • UV protected, heavy weight polypropylene is tough! Our triple laminated inner scrim stands up to high winds, blowing debris and weather.
  • Pro-Strength aboveground pool covers will also resist mildew, chlorine and other pool chemicals and are tested to withstand temperatures up to -50F!
  • Heat sealed seams prevent water seepage into your pool and are much stronger than stitched seams.
  • Double stitched edges with full tacking on grommets, withstand strong pulling without unraveling.
  • 12 year warranty (3 years full) from a company that has been selling pool covers for nearly 40 years! This is a strong pool cover with a strong warranty.
  • Consistently our top rated above ground pool cover, read the pool cover reviews from real pool owners, like you!
  • Aboveground pool covers include a heavy-duty vinyl-coated cable and winch to tighten the cover around the edges.
  • Aluminum grommets spaced approximately every two feet around the winter cover edge.

How to install your above-ground pool cover. First, check that the measurements listed on the box do match your pool size. Measure your pool to be sure before unboxing your new pool cover. Our aboveground pool covers have a 4 ft. overlap, so if you have a 24 ft. pool, the total diameter of your pool cover will be 28 ft. diameter. We commonly list our solid pool covers with two measurements, pool size and cover size. It's easy to get confused, so please order by your pool size, not by the size of the pool cover.

A winter air pillow placed under the cover helps channel rain water to one or more areas, but more important - serves as an ice compensator, to prevent a solid sheet of ice from forming, which can put pressure on above ground pool walls.

After cleaning the pool thoroughly and adding your winterizing pool chemicals, spread the pool cover over the aboveground pool so that it overlaps the top rail evenly around all sides. A 24 ft round pool cover will overlap 24 inches all the way around when it is centered.

Run the coated steel cable through the grommets on the cover's edge and connect the tightener winch to the two ends of the cable. Tighten the winch to draw-up your winter pool cover around the pool. If you are in areas of high winds, add cover clips or wall bags to keep your cover down during strong winds or storms.

How to care for an above ground pool cover. Use a small pool cover pump or a gravity drain device to pump off rain water from the surface of your above ground pool cover. If too much water accumulates on the cover, it can cause a small strain to the fabric and help dirt to build up. Also, rain water on your pool cover attracts worms, and worms attract birds. Birds are sometimes not too careful with their sharp claws and beaks, and can damage your pool cover. Squirrels after nuts or berries on the pool cover can also create pinholes with their claws as scurry over top an above ground pool cover. So, keep it clean and dry, as much as possible, and your pool cover will last longer.

Keep your pool cover protected from high winds. A loose cover can become damaged from "wind whip", and if too much wind gets under your pool cover, it could even pull it off of the pool! Using a water bag or wall bags can help the pool cover to lay flat on the pool water. Cover Clips or Cover Seal can help prevent air from getting up under the pool cover.

How to store your aboveground pool cover. During pool opening, carefully remove the cable and winch from the pool cover and place the cover in an area large enough to spread it out. Driveways work well, you can keep the cover off the side of the driveway, and clean it one section at a time. Clean an above ground pool cover with a garden hose and a brush. A pool brush will work well, or a soft push. A mild pool cover cleaning chemical can be used to help remove dirt or stains from your pool cover.

Dry the pool cover before folding to prevent mildew and mold. When you fold the cover, use a fan-folding pattern, so it's easier to put on your above ground pool next year. Store the pool cover in a clean, dry area, indoors if possible.


Product Type: Pool Cover
Cover Type: Winter Cover
Pool Type: Above Ground
Shape: Oval
Size: 16 x 25