Polar Protector Winter Pool Cover 16x25 ft Oval

Polar Protector Winter Pool Cover 16x25 ft Oval

Polar Protector Winter Pool Cover 16x25 ft Oval

Item No. B-W4641-VAR
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Polar Protector® winter pool covers provide superior winter protection for above ground swimming pools. Constructed from heavy-duty, tough material, Pro Strength® Polar Protector® winter pool covers feature a remarkable fabric coating which further enhances strength and durability. Polar Protector® winter pool covers will withstand repeated exposure to harsh winter weather, freezing temperatures and high winds. Specifically designed to resist rips, tears, punctures and chemical stains. Designed to accommodate the accumulation of rainwater for extra protection against wind damage. Polar Protector® winter pool covers are ideal for regions that experience cold winter weather. Highly popular winter cover among above ground swimming pool owners. Will outperform and outlast the competition. Secure with cover clips or wall bags. Lightweight and easy to handle. Pro Strength® Polar Protector® winter pool covers are tan in color. Available for round and oval above ground pools of many different sizes. Competitively and economically priced.

PRO STRENGTH® POLAR PROTECTOR® winter covers are coated with a sealant that provides unmatched seam strength, chemical resistance and makes it almost impossible to rip or tear. Even branches that would pierce cheap pool covers are no match for the textile strength of this super pool cover fabric. The inner scrim weave of the POLAR PROTECTOR® covers are so tight, woven on special looms that create an interlocking structure so tough it's like Kevlar. The manufacturer's rep loves to come into our offices with what he calls the "Pen test", daring anyone who thinks they can shove a ball-point pen through the POLAR PROTECTOR® material. What is more amazing is that even with all of that extra strength, these winter covers are 30% lighter than other covers, while being up to 50% stronger! All POLAR PROTECTOR® above ground winter covers include a 4-foot overlap to allow an 18" water drop during winterization. Also included is the winch & cable for cinching the pool cover to the edge of your above ground pool. If you order our best 24' round pool cover above, for example, it will come with a cable made to fit the 24' round pool perimeter measurement. You can also order the 24 ft round cover (or any size for that matter), with a set of cover clips or without cover clips (these are very helpful if you have high winds). The POLAR PROTECTOR® is sold in a neutral tan color to match more any patio color palette. Tan pool covers reflect some of the heat that a black pool cover would absorb. Tan covers usually will show more staining, but the POLAR PROTECTOR® material is specially treated to resist stains and water marks. Why buy the best winter pool cover? There are two kinds of people, those who want the best price, and those who want the best quality. At In The Swim, we don't offer just Good-Better-Best. If you want a cheap pool cover, to meet this year's pool closing budget - we have that, and if you want a pool cover that you can feel the quality difference when you hold it in your hand, the POLAR PROTECTOR® is the cover for you. With a full 5-year warranty, with the remainder of the 20 year warranty providing pro-rated, declining coverage, our best winter pool cover also has the best pool cover warranty. You won't find a stronger warranty anywhere for an above ground pool cover. If you love your pool, if you are proud of your pool, if you want to protect your pool – invest in the pool cover that will perform and last. Sure, you'll spend more on the cover, but it will also last 2 to 5 times longer than a cheap pool cover, and won't tragically fail on you during winter's worst. You can depend on the POLAR PROTECTOR® pool cover to keep your above ground pool covered and protected, all winter long.


Product Type: Pool Cover
Cover Type: Winter Cover
Pool Type: Above Ground
Shape: Oval
Size: 16 x 25