Leisure Time Metal Gon/Defender

Leisure Time Metal Gon/Defender

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Leisure Time Metal Gon/Defender


Save money with our Leisure Time Metal Gon and Defender spa clarifier two-pack. This  two-chemical combination eliminates all metals, minerals and any scaling that causes cloudy hot tub water and unsightly stains and will prevent any future scaling and stains as well. Metal Gon works to sequester iron, copper and other mineral deposits to remove and prevent stains while Leisure Time Defender uses organic polymers that naturally attacks existing scale for a cleaner looking and feeling hot tub.

Product Size: Leisure Time Metal Gon, 1 pint bottle; Leisure Time Defender, 1 pint bottle

  • Metal Gon rids iron, copper and other minerals from spa water
  • Defender protects against scale buildup and fouling of spa filters
  • Use Metal Gon when you first fill or refill your hot tub; weekly use controls metals and prevents mineral deposits and stains
  • Tips: Regular use of Spa Defender will prevent mineral build up, extending the lifespan and effectiveness on your spa heater, circulation pump and filter
  • Can be used with chlorine, bromine and biguanide sanitizers