Swimline  Beaded 12 x 20 Rectangle 48 in Depth Boulder Swirl Kayak Above Ground Pool Liner 20 Mil

Swimline - Beaded 12' x 20' Rectangle 48 in. Depth Boulder Swirl Kayak Above Ground Pool Liner, 20 Mil

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12x20 Kayak pool liner. 48" wall height, 20 Ga Virgin Vinyl Liner for flat bottom, rectangular above ground pools.
SKU #: 500552


  • duct tape
  • #3 Philips headscrewdriver
  • garden hose
  • sharp nail or ice pick
  • industrial vacuum or household vacuum (filter bag removed)
  • tamping tool
  • masking tape
  • utility knife

NOTE: Liner should be stored at room temperature for at least 24 hours prior to installation, for stretch-ability.


1. Spread a 2" layer of brick sand over the entire pool foundation area inside the base rails. Use a rake to make the brick sand flat and smooth. Tamp sand to help reduce footprints. In place of brick sand, you can use "Soft Step" Floor Padding. Cut the sheets to fit and join them with duct tape along the whole length of each seam.

2. With the brick sand, make a curved cove about 4" high and 4" wide all around the bottom of the pool wall on the inside. Pack firmly into shape. Pool Cove can also be used.


1. Place the closed liner carton in the center of the pool.

2. Open the carton. Do NOT use anything sharp to open the carton.

3. Unfold the liner and spread it out in the sun to warm up.

4. Inspect all seams and surfaces for holes.

5. Spread out liner. The curved seam should be centered on the cove at the base of the wall. The other seams will form straight lines across the bottom of the pool. If seams appear to have flaps, check to see if correct side is up.

6. Smooth out all wrinkles in the bottom.

7. If you have a beaded liner, fasten the liner in place by lifting the sides of the liner and inserting the beaded edge into the liner retainer on the top edge. If you do not have a beaded liner, lift the sides of the liner and drape them over the top of the pool wall. Fasten liner to the top of the wall with plastic coping. Let the liner hang slack for now. Do NOT pull liner tight.

8. Start filling the pool with water. As the pool fills, work out the wrinkles and smooth the liner to the wall. Remove the plastic coping around the top edge of the wall one piece at a time and adjust the liner. Keep smoothing out the wrinkles.

9. Do not install faceplates, inlets, light fixtures, etc. until water reaches 3" below each opening. Premature installation might result in the liner tearing away from the opening due to stretching as the water level increases.

10. Proceed filling pool until water reaches desired level.


1. To remove air from behind the liner, which prevents wrinkles, insert a vacuum cleaner hose through the skimmer hole in the pool wall behind the liner. To minimize vacuum loss, seal the opening around the hose and the water inlet using cardboard and masking tape.

2. Turn vacuum cleaner on. While vacuum is running, you should be adjusting the liner with short tugs to eliminate wrinkles. If you have trouble shifting the liner into position, shut vacuum off for a few minutes. You should then be able to adjust the troubled area before continuing with the vacuum.

3. Start filling the pool with water. The vacuum cleaner should continue to run until water level nears the top. Make sure to keep vacuum cleaner hose above the water level at all times.

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