inSPAration  Liquid Aromatherapy Rain 9oz

inSPAration - Liquid Aromatherapy, Rain, 9oz

SKU #: 224LP
Relax and rejuvenate while you soak in hot water with the soothing fragrance of the inSPAration 224 Liquid Aromatherapy, Rain, 9oz!
  • Moisturizes and softens skin.
  • Specially formulated for use in any hydrotherapy environment and spas, hot tubs, Jacuzzi's, and Whirlpool Baths.
  • Masks unwanted chemical odors.
  • Proven safe for all motors, jets, and acrylic surfaces.
  • Alcohol Free and Fully Water-Soluble.
  • Creates the ultimate spa experience!

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In Stock