Meyco Mesh Safety Cover 20x40 ft Rectangle with Center Step

Meyco Mesh Safety Cover 20x40 ft Rectangle with Center Step

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Technical Specifications:

Made of 2-ply Meycolite mesh.

Break strength of 4,000 pounds.

Color is forest green. May custom order blue.

Includes brass pop-up anchors, stainless steel springs, installation tool and storage bag.

For initial installation a 3/4" drill bit and rotary hammer drill are needed.

Must meet the following criteria for safety purposes:

- Rectangle pool, square corners or no more than a 2' radius corner.

- No obstructions that can not be removed within 18" of the waterline. Such as ladders, slides or diving boards.

- Must have at least 3' of concrete on all sides of the pool.

Q: How does the cover secure down to my pool?

- 3/4" holes are drilled with a masonry drill bit (not included) and the brass anchors are tapped into the holes. Then using the installation tool, the cover springs are levered over the anchor and secured.

Q: What is the warranty on the cover?

- The covers is backed by a 12 year warranty.

Q: What is included with the cover?

- Anchoring system, stainless steel buckles and protective cover springs, installation tool, and heavy-duty storage bag are included.

Q: I don't have a concrete or wood deck. What cover can I use?

- Call 1-800-288-7946 and ask to speak with our Custom Sales department.

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