In The Swim  Premium 18 Round Blue Solar Cover 12 Mil

In The Swim - Premium 18' Round Blue Solar Cover, 12 Mil

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12 Mil Blue Solar Blanket Warms Your Pool for Free. Put the round 12 mil blue solar blanket on your 18 ft pool to heat your pool water by up to 15 degrees using nothing more than the sun's rays. Thousands of tiny air pockets and an aluminized layer on the bottom of the solar blanket transfers the energy as heat into the water.

7 Year Limited Warranty

What is Not covered under this warranty?

  1. Bubble Damage: Breaking and flaking of bubble material is not a defect, but is caused by acidic water conditions, and/or high levels of chlorine in the water.
  2. Sun Damage: Discoloration and degradation from UV rays while removed from the pool. When rolled or folded, cover your solar cover or place indoors.
  3. Tears or Rips: Damage caused by acts of God, humans or animals is not covered.

To enhance the durability of your solar cover:

  • Put away your solar blanket (covered or in a shady location) when shocking the pool
  • Place cover on the pool only when chlorine level is below 2.5 ppm
  • Place cover on the pool only when pH level is above 7.2
  • Remove sticks and leaves gently and clean the blanket if dirty
  • When storing a solar blanket on a reel, use the Poly Tarp or the Solar Blanket Cover
  • When storing a solar blanket folded, place in a shady area or inside


  • The solar blanket's 12 mil thickness helps insulate the pool and trap heat
  • Solar blanket also limits amount of water evaporation and pool chemical loss, saving you time and money
  • Allows you to swim on chillier days, longer at night and extend your swim season
  • Constructed of vinyl resin, won't fade or disintegrate from sun or pool chemicals
  • Can be used in conjunction with a pool heater or on its own

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