In The Swim  Ultra 18 x 33 Oval Grey Solar Cover 16 Mil

In The Swim - Ultra 18' x 33' Oval Grey Solar Cover, 16 Mil

Utilize the Ultimate in Free Pool Heating with Pool Solar Cover. The 18x33 oval 16 mil ultra solar cover is one of the best and most economical ways to heat your pool's water. Utilizing tiny air pockets to capture energy from the sun, the 16 mil solar cover then transfers that heat to your pool, raising its temperature by up to 18 degrees.

To enhance the durability of your solar cover:

  • Put away your solar cover (covered or in a shady location) when shocking the pool
  • Place cover on the pool only when chlorine level is below 2.5 ppm
  • Place cover on the pool only when pH level is above 7.2
  • Remove sticks and leaves gently and clean the cover if dirty
  • When storing a solar cover on a reel, use the Poly Tarp or the Solar Cover
  • When storing a solar cover folded, place in a shady area or inside


  • Pool solar cover uses only the sun to warm your water
  • Cover's thickness helps insulate water, keeps it warmer longer
  • Prevents water evaporation, chemical loss; Saves money & times
  • Can be used separately or in conjunction with a pool heater
  • 8 Year manufacturer's warranty

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