In The Swim  Chlorine-Free Pool Shock 6 x 1 lb Bags

In The Swim - Chlorine-Free Pool Shock, 6 x 1 lb. Bags

SKU #: Y8205
Use In The Swim Chlorine-Free Pool Shock, 6X1 LB bags on a weekly basis to rid of algae and other harmful organic contaminants, to keep pool water safe & clean!
  • Great for all bodies of water! Pools, Spas, ETC...
  • Quick dissolving and fast-acting chlorine-free oxidizer
  • Won't raise the calcium hardness level of your water, neutral pH ingredients.
  • Chlorine-free pool shock ideal for weekly shock treatments
  • Contains 38% Potassium Monopersulfate.
  • Eliminates non-living organic contaminants
  • Compatible with standard chlorine, salt chlorinated, mineral, and bromine sanitized pools and spas
  • 6 Pack of 1lb bags!

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In Stock